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Patient Participation Group


What is the PPG?

PPG stands for “Patient Participation Group”. The PPG is an independent group of patients who care about the way in which our practice is run and the services it can provide.

The aims of the group are:

  • Be a critical friend to the practice
  • To improve communication between the practice and its patients
  • Share suggestions and ideas
  • Discuss recent or future developments which involve the practice and its patients
  • Assist the practice in organising patient educational events, health promotion, patient surveys and also fundraise for the practice

The PPG has a nominated Chair and Vice Chair who determine the agenda items and distribute minutes of each meeting.

The practice has representatives who attend the meetings, and this normally includes the Practice Managers, a GP, and members of the practice team.

What the PPG is not

The PPG is not a group dealing with personal medical issues and complaints. These are personal to you and should be dealt with through the practice’s complaints procedure or via PALS (Patient Advisory Liaison Service) for any issues relating to the hospital service.

Benefits for the patient

We hope patients will become more responsible for their own health. By attending the meetings, patients will have a better understanding of the surgery, the challenges it faces and what the practice is doing to improve things for patients.

Benefits to the practice

The practice will benefit from patients’ experiences of using the services and be able to ask what is working well or requires improvement. It allows the practice to have a forum to express ideas for future development. It also allows the practice to engage with the community for whom they care.

When and where does the PPG meet?

At present we meet every 12 weeks. Meetings are usually held on a Wednesday from 6pm – 7pm.

How do I get involved?

All currently registered patients are eligible to join the PPG, so if you are enthusiastic about the practice and are interested in joining our Patient Participation Group, please email Leone Knapp, Management Team Assistant: Leone.knapp@nhs.net

No training is needed to become a member of the PPG. The most important thing is that you have an interest in the practice and are keen in taking positive action to help improve the practice for yourself and other patients.


Our next meeting will be held on:

Wednesday 14th August 2024 at 6:00pm at Ibstock Surgery

Please kindly email confirmation of your attendance prior to the date to diane.sheasby@nhs.net 


Last meetings minutes: PPG Meeting Minutes 29.05.2024

Over the last 3 years the PPG has raised funds for the surgery through the sale of books, coffee mornings, raffles and a table top sale.  With this money the PPG has purchased:

a centrifuge

a nebuliser

an ear syringe machine

a portable ECG machine

a phlebotomy chair

and 2 examination couches.

The Surgery is very grateful to the PPG and all patients who have donated to these fund raising events and activities.