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Building Work 2021/22

December 2021

Our building work is now well and truly under way.  Here is some information about what is happening and when.


The surgery car park is being extended so that there are more spaces for patients and staff.  You can see this at the top of the car park already.

There will be a new reception at the front of the building which will be light and welcoming. This will be built onto the front gable end where the fire door is situated at the end of the doctors’ corridor.

All the remainder of the work will take place within the footprint of the existing building.  There will be a number of new consulting rooms built where the reception area is now and then a number of clinical offices to the rear of the building.  These clinical offices will be used by doctors, emergency care practitioners, and pharmacists when they are doing telephone consultations, video consultations and what we call clinical admin. This is admin work relating to patients such as reviewing hospital letters, reviewing blood tests, writing sick notes and checking prescription requests.

In the end we will have 13 consulting rooms, 11 clinical offices, a dirty and clean utility room, a back office for reception and a store for patients’ paper records all in the space where we previously had 13 consultation rooms.  As clinicians will be using the clinical offices when not seeing patients face to face, our capacity to provide consultations, both on the telephone and face to face, will be increased despite the fact that the number of consulting rooms will remain the same. This is due to having more spaces for clinicians to work and this means we can accommodate a greater number of clinicians. We will also have a a much better reception environment, with a front desk for face to face enquiries and a large back office to increase our capacity to answer telephone calls. Both these  will benefit the patients of Ibstock & Barlestone Surgeries and it will be a lovely clean, modern environment when you visit the surgery.

Here are plans of the work:

Ibstock Surgery New Floor Plan

Ibstock Surgery Proposed Elevations

The work is being undertaken in phases so that we can keep working while it’s happening. These are the phases:

Phase 1

This phase is taking place at the rear of the building. It involves the demolition of our old lean-to conservatory, with a new brick extension to replace it and to create an external store. In addition the rear left hand side of the building, above the stairs, is being remodelled to create a number of the new clinical offices, a disabled toilet and a file store (for patient’s paper notes). In the latter stages of this phase consulting rooms 1,2, and 3 will also be refurbished to bring them up to modern standards.

As this happens the car park will also be extended at the rear.

This phase is now complete.

Phase 2

This is currently being worked on.

This will involve the rear right hand side of the building, above the stairs. This area is also being converted into clinical offices and one consulting room.

This phase is due to be finished at the end of June 2022.

The external work for the new reception at the front of the building will be started during this phase. This has been brought forward from phase 4 although nothing of the phase 4 internal work will be started at this time.

Phase 3

During this phase, the seating areas in the existing patient waiting room will be converted to 4 new consulting rooms. This phase is likely to be one of the most difficult for us all as there will be very limited waiting space for patients and the work will be taking place within ear shot of the current reception area.

Phase 4

The new reception will be built during this phase and so it will be very obvious that building work is happening. As well as the extension that will be the new reception area, the rooms along the corridor behind it will be refurbished and slightly redesigned.

There will also be some outside works to the front of the building during this phase as we will be having an external bin store created at the front of the car park.  This will be securely fenced but will make it easier for the rubbish to be collected from the site.

Phase 5

This will be the final internal phase and will involve the current reception area being converted to an additional consulting room, a clean and dirty utility room and an upgrade to the toilets to include a baby changing room.

There will also be some landscaping of the external areas as the project progresses.  The land at the back which has not been converted to a car park is being landscaped.

Please note that these phases could change as the work progresses, but this is the plan at the time of writing.

Once the work is completed around November next year, we will have a modern, bright, fit for purpose welcoming surgery. We are excited to get to this stage and for all our patients to see the finished surgery.

We will keep this page updated as the extension progresses.